Vision Entered His Life Today

A deep dark eyed Vision entered his life today,

Suddenly doors thought forever locked, opened,

Emotions made him shiver, trembling as before,

Hypnotized, unlocking his soul for her gaze,

Deep amber eyes like a stalking lioness staring,

Simply paralyzing him as a lone frightened prey,

Drawn into her dark hued eyes ever so deep,

Unable to resist their powerful magnetic pull,

Surrendering all possessions to her, his new Love

Tearing old walls down for her eyes of brown.

13 thoughts on “Vision Entered His Life Today

    • My experience in life has shown me that if you can learn to read eyes, you can read the heart and soul of any person unless they have received very special brainwashing, or worked undercover a long time. I’m an Empath, eyes give off vibes when face to face, almost lie detectors and transmitters of emotions.

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      • I agree wholeheartedly. The eyes pretty much reveal everything. My husband thinks I’m insane when I tell him that his eyes have changed over the years. He no longer looks at me the same — and I go by that much more than anything he actually says.

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      • Indeed so true, sadly sometimes. I can feel a person’s sparkle and their love or disdain of their lives immediately when I shake their hands or stand with them in line. People get a little nervous with me at first, I give them a card that says I’m a Mute and a little deaf so I need to look at your face to interact. Really I want to see if their words and eyes match up))) Sneaky, but hey, it saved my butt in undercover taskings)))))) Drug dealers easy, they all lie and their eyes twitch

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