A Song A Day Challenge: Day 8


25 songs in 25 days

Day 8


A song that reminds you of your first love.

Okay, I have no clue lol! 🙂

I do remember my first love, I just don’t have a song that reminds me of him.

So I will just post a song that I think fits the word ‘Love’ very well.

Click to listen –> All of Me by John Legend

Lots of Love


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It’s someone’s birthday today…

Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers & Words

Yes, mine! Another year older…and I wish I could say another year wiser, but I’m not sure about that one.  Today seems like a good day to thank all of you for being a part of my life.  I am so grateful for the poets, the writers, the photographers, the artists, all of you who endlessly try to find what is good and pass it along ~ for sharing the beauty that you see in the world, for sharing your words of hope, of healing, of love, for sharing your experiences so that we all know that we are truly not alone.  You enrich my life each and every day and I feel blessed to be traveling this journey with all of you.  Thank you, with all my love. ~ Carol

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Friday Fantasy – Sweetest Hazard

Awesome pic, WOW


Sweetest Hazard

The Sound of your most Brazen Wings,
Keeping time with my O’re Lusty Heart,
Holds Court in the Shadows of the Sky,
My Sighs Forgetful of the Danger You Impart.

When flash of Saber and Baritone Song,
Sharp and Menacing Greet the Dawn,
My Heart Listens with Deaf Concern,
Enchanted far more by your Draconian Charm.

While Hercules and Apollo Proudly Chant
With Verse and Sweetness Tuned in Gold,
My Love is Ever drawn to You, My Lord,
My Sweetest Hazard and Heartbreak of Old.

Sweetest Hazard

Beautiful Original Dragon Artwork by: Anne Stokes
Beautiful Original Wizard Artwork by: Nene Thomas

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Call for justice

Life With Catnip



These 10 puppies were discovered in a crate along a Springton, Texas road Wednesday morning while nursing off its dead mother after it was shot in the head, according to the Parker County Sheriff.

If they had been old enough to fully open their eyes, they’d have seen their mother lying in a pool of blood.

Authorities in Texas are hoping to cage the person, or people, responsible shooting a mother dog in the head and leaving its body in a crate to nurse its blood-spattered puppies.

The extremely disturbing scene was reported to deputies Thursday morning by a school bus driver who saw the dog lying inside the bloody cage along a Springton road, according to the Parker County sheriff.

When animal control officers arrived they discovered the dog not only lying in a pool of its own blood, but 10 squirming puppies trying to nurse from its…

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Life With Catnip


When I write,
I am with you,
I can be extraordinary,
Be one of my hero’s,
Near saint, with an incredible gift,
Fierce in strength,
My own favorite poet,
I mourned yesterday sadly,
But today I celebrate,
I am a heart surgeon,
Love is my specialty,
I am a poet.

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I Volunteer (and you can too!)

Amen, TY, Joanne for all you do for the kids. They are our future.

Joanne Nosuchinsky

For those of you who may not know me so well, I am a huge advocate for the arts and arts education. I think that a kid who can get on stage and do some sort of performance, can truly do anything.
For the past 2 years, I have been working with an amazing non-profit called The All Stars Project. Over the last few decades, the All Stars have touched thousands of lives by focusing on youth and community development through performance — especially in inner-city areas of New York. Their outlook is this, life is full of performances. The way you perform with your friends is different from the way you perform in the classroom or at a job interview. It’s this sort of education, paired with cosmopolitan experiences that help kids become “performers” who might not thrive otherwise.
The All Stars receives no government grants or funding. Why?…

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