NaPoWriMo day 30: A duet with Jullian


Here we are, the last poem for NaPoWriMo!


My friend Juulz and I thought it was nice to end the way we started one month ago, with a duet!

On day 1 of the challenge we wrote a duet together, you can find it HERE.

And now, on day 30, I have the pleasure to write another duet with one of my best friends who I love like a brother.

 My dear friend Jullian–>

Juulz has been an amazing supportive friend for me this best month. Without him, this month would be a lot darker for me for sure.

Thank you so much for everything Juulz, I love you! ❤


Real Friends

So far away, but close to my heart
Can you see me smile?
Real friends are never apart
Standing stronger together

I gave you something I hold very dear
Can you make this promise?
No, don’t…

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