Spanking Sandra – a fragment

Alice Dark - BentAlice

Angela examined Sandra’s bottom with a critical eye. The 20 strokes that she had given her crying girlfriend had resulted in a lovely blush; no single hand print stood out on Sandra’s naked bottom. Instead, the spanks blurred together into a uniform pink of near perfection.

“Up!” Angela said sharply, smacking her girlfriend’s bottom again. “Off to your corner, while I try to sort out the mess that you’ve made.”

Still sobbing, Sandra pushed herself off of Angela’s lap and bent to retrieve her skirt from the floor.

“Leave it,” Angela said, pointing Sandra to her corner. “You won’t need your skirt to think about how you’ve overspent your budget again.”


Angela’s glare cut Sandra off in mid-sentence. “Now,” Angela snapped, as she picked up their shared checkbook from the sofa cushion. “I can’t believe what a mess you’ve made of this!”

Sandra snuffled back a sob and hung…

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Hey Baby.. Hershey Makes a Million kisses a day..All I’m Asking For is 1 From You!

Shanpagne's World

If your old enough to date then I’m sure you’ve either heard some kind of corny pick up line, or you possibly used one on someone in hopes to score a number from them.  I know I have, both of them that is.  I’ve heard every corny line out there and yes… I’ve even tried one or two out in my day.  Thank God I’m married now and don’t have to resort to them anymore.


Sometimes the pick up lines are so very corny that they make you laugh, which in turn breaks the ice and usually ends up in a conversation with the person.  Other times the delivery is so off that you just kinda smack your teeth with your tongue and kinda step away from the offender in hopes that the realize how stupid they just sounded and proceed to melt into the floor and just go away…

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Friday Fun- Prompt 1- Winter Carnival


Winter Carnival

Points of Light, Sparkling in the Day,
The Night, Embody Mischief like Parody,
Intoxicate my Inner Child
Reticence Liberated to Dance Free and Wild.

Colours Vivid, Painting the View
Extravagance in Splendor, Much Ado,
Temptations Craving the Tender Flower,
Moment by Moment, Hour by Hour.

Inspired by Bastet at:
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Forever Stayed

A Shade Of Pen

After a long long time, I have written again with Hasty words.. Her words mesmerize me all the time. There is a rhythm I feel when I write with her. She is one of the best things to have happened to me at WordPress… You deserve all the love, Hasty.. 🙂

Forever was promised

Forever it lasted

If forever was a day,

Forever it stayed


Forever you softly said

But on your begging lips

Forever was simply a lie

Forever lived just to die


When I whispered, “forever yours”

I wished forever it would be

And yet as night fell

You left me forever alone..


Forever meant to be an eternity

Moments cascading recklessly

Until the moon cast it’s light

Showing me what forever could be


As I gazed at the starlit sky,

I realized what forever truly meant

Whilst, it may be longer than…

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Friday Fun- Superbowl



Titans Battle on an Epic Scale,
Heroes Swaggering, Win or Fail,
Tumbling, Stumbling, Head over Tail,
Either Side may Ultimately Prevail.

Myriads in the Bleachered Stands,
Thunderous applause by countless hands,
Paint upon Flesh, Gregarious Clans,
Brotherhood of Cheering Fans.

Inspired by: A Curious Gal at:
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Sweetest Wine

Touch the Flame to the Burning Candle

And Brighten this darkness with Your Love,

For as Sweet as any Wine could Intoxicate,

You Bring Bliss to my Fragile state.

Caress my Senses with Your Softest Smile,

While the Moon steps Indistinctly onward,

For as Breathlessly as any Dream could Beguile,

You bring Abandon to my Pounding Heart.

Tempt my Imagination with Your Eloquence Sublime

And Stare into me like an Angel, Knowing All,

For as Divine as any Love could ever Be,

Are you, My Precious Darling,


To Me.

Beautiful Photograph found at Wikipedia commons

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