Leslie Meeks

Wrap your arms around me

And I will hold you tight

Bury your head in the crook of my shoulder

And I will rest my chin on yours

Thumping heartbeats

Whispered breaths

Skin against skin

Let’s call it love

Charcoal Art by Surajit Chatterjee

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Souldier Girl

DSCN1447 (3)


My vision is full

My quest is whole

My nightmares are sold

To the highest bidder

Now slumped in the corner

Bye bye Daddy

Hello summer

Cigarettes and short skirts

Revenge and social perks

Neglect and boys with quirks

Dust off my books

In my leather maiden suit

Read my palms

And tell me, is it true…

My nightmares began and ended

with you?

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Americana Injustica

“Take off your shirt, please…”

The Orphan’s handsome face begins to form a look of defiance, but suddenly reveals his sense of trust in me, as he eases his t-shirt up and over his head.

My eyes swell with tears and I am overtaken with pride for some ungodly reason…he has meat on his bones once more!!!

“Atta Boy, Rock Star!”

I punch him playfully in his washboard belly and wink blatantly up at his now-blushing, chiseled face.

“Why are you crying?” he is seriously wondering out loud at my over-expressiveness…

“Because I can so vividly recall what you looked like when you came back to live here…when I picked you up from the airport the second time…” my head is slowly shaking from side to side as I speak to him – looking him in his lighter colored eye (the left one). He’s been gone for a few days…

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Mark Davis Author / Poet

Welcome to romance week on
Love and romance comes in various forms and is interpreted in many ways . Love can be all-consuming full of Hearts and flowers .it can be young love or older love . It can be heartbreak .it can be tender graceful and cherished , or it can be a love between two men or two women

The challenge will start in just a few hours and I will post two poems daily
One at 3:00 pm (Australian time ) 6:00 am GMT 1:00 am EST
The second post will be roughly 12 hours later
Don’t hold me to this as I couldn’t get auto post to work correctly so I will be doing this live until then lol

Now onto the lovely ladies who have honored me in participating in this challenge they were all generous in their support I cannot thank them enough.

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