Raise your boys like you raise your girls


Chronicles of Salma

I have spent a lot of my life wondering what on earth is wrong with men.

Whether it was watching my father or brother, talking to my male friends, or piecing through my own romantic involvements, I have, more often than not, been left thinking; what the fuck is wrong with them?

We can argue that men are from Mars as much as you like, but I call bullshit on that entire discourse. It feels too much like a copout, and it’s way past time we took some responsibility anyway.

They’re not from different planets, we’ve just always acted like they were, and there lies the problem. It’s why we have such miscommunication between the sexes, and why we still don’t live in gender balanced world.

The idea that ‘boys will be boys’ has permeated our society for as far back as anyone can remember, and so we’ve…

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