My Triggers: Understanding PTSD


White Chrysler 300

Tires screeching

Highway at night

Dairy ash ford-Elridge exits of I-10

Any one of the things and places listed above will instantly change my state of being. My hands feel numb, as my eyes rapidly scan my surrounding evaluating potential danger. My heart starts racing, as i tell myself “It’s okay, I am okay.Don’t freak out, just stay calm, it’s okay gabs.” A majority of the time, certain things will trigger flashbacks or specific conversations for that night. From one moment to the next i am reliving the chaos; the fear. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I feel the need to verbalize my recounting of these moments that are demanding to be remembered. I wish I could understand why it is that I need to talk about these things. What is it that i am in search of when i open up? I know that there…

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