Private Dancer

another savory morsel to slowly but surely digest. šŸ‘€ ā™„ * Ķœ * ā™„ šŸ‘€

foreverdreamingoflove šŸ’‹

private dancer

Photo taken from google

Iā€™m your private dancer

Iā€™m here to please only you

I dance for the money


I like when I have your full attention

Iā€™m your private dancer

Without inhibitions

Where you are guaranteed more than a lap dance

I will take off your clothes

Neck tie


And more slowly

Your shirt

Iā€™m your private dancer

In my white lace robe

Only a Thong remains

Slowly I move around your room

Lowering my robe and exposing my back

Now you know

Now you understand

Iā€™m your private dancer

Here to do whatever you wish

I pull off your pants


Mount you facing backward

I dance to the music

Upon your hot flesh

Until you can take it no more

You explode

Your load

Deep inside this private dancer

Encore I ask

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