From known to UNKNOWN

Let me tell you a story...

IMG_1571Often i blog to share my thoughts, or some inspiration but today i am blogging because its a realization. Such a sad word it is, especially when you finally know how stupid you were (trust me i am laughing while writing this, coz i realized something about myself).

7 months back when i shifted to United States i got tearful goodbyes and puppy faces telling me how much their life would be empty without my presence around it. Note the number*** 7 months, just 7 months. While i was in United States my best friends ( i have (or had) three) messaged me about how much they missed me and all the future plans of what we would be doing when i am back visiting them. It was like an umbilical cord of hope tethering my feelings to their planning and sadly when i was here it was a time to…

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