The Short Battle

With love


3:00 in the morning
When the world sleeps
You fight .
You fight with yourself
You cry for help
You cry for everything you’ve had .
Everything which made you mad .
But you know you can’t take everything out,
As things are to deep to even think about .

9:00 in the morning .
When you wake up .
You see a sad face in the mirror
And then try to cheer yourself up .
You try to fake a smile .
When you know it won’t even last for a while .
You still prepare yourself to face the day .
No matter how difficult it is to go this way .

12:00 in the noon
When you’re wishing to leave the world soon ,
You pretend to be happy .
Knowing the fact that you’re feeling lonely .
You desperately wanna scream and shout .
Crying is…

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