a power outage

You just do whatever you need to do for yourself. None of us are soo damn selfish, that we would want you to be our cheerleader at the costs it might take at times. I may not know exactly how you feel, but I do know loss and tragedy and how life doesn’t always deal the best hand. There comes a times when we have to choose between required and optional. Know you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers even if you don’t see me scrolling across your screen. I have a little cabinet in my heart that doesn’t need WiFi to update and function, thankfully………(nor a lot of memory cells) Big Hugs, my dear Rita and blessings of love, health, joy and happiness for you and yours….. πŸ‘€ β™₯ * ͜ * β™₯ πŸ‘€ α•™(πŸ’“β–ΏπŸ’“)α•— πŸ‘€ β™₯ * ͜ * β™₯ πŸ‘€

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