Update from Georgie and Clan

Happy Tuesday to one and all.  We arrived safely from our extended visit to Memphis, TN late Sunday night. After unpacking everything and getting everyone ready to crash and burn, I checked the answering machine on our home, seldom used, phone. It was a reminder for our semi annual Dental checkups, all of us……………………………….

Needless to say, words that might have been said out loud elsewhere, but definitely not in church, were spared the light of day, after all, I am mute.  Due to the size of our household, the Dentist blocks off the whole day on his schedule, which is a small blessing. We at least don’t have to worry about answering questions about our international Clan nor do we have to worry about sharing germs and other unwanted visitors from anyone else outside our family.  And we get to select what television channel to watch during our procedures and waiting room periods…………….. A blessing indeed, because we can bring our own Kiddie DVDs, no worries about having to censor Sponge Bob or Circle Pants characters………….

All went well, all in all, well, if you exclude the bill at the end.  My Dentist calls it our “contribution towards college tuition for his Kids.”  Sometimes I wonder if his wife knows how many of ” his kids” he’s putting through college. HOpefully, there’s no “unknowns” to her calculations………..     I know how many meals that check would buy in certain 3rd world countries.  One of my Sons said it was nice to know that McDonalds, Burger King and Subway was so generous to our Clan over the years.  And I told him the DOD was also a great help then and now towards our health and educational endeavors, thank goodness.

After Dentist visit, I started rebuilding, restoring and reloading my old Toshiba laptop, a hand me down from one of my Kids, can’t remember which one or when exactly anymore, just know it’s a 2007 model and still works 90%, heck even I don’t work 100% anymore, especially my mind and memory.  I’m thankful and blessed to have access to the technology that allows me to speak without a voice and save memories to all sorts of memory storage devices and methods and convert them for the future so my Kids and Grands can view and laugh when they look back. We are blessed abundantly, indeed.

I just wanted to let you all know that we are all safe, sound and healthy, especially our teeth and gums

and my sense of humor, even after spending a chunk of change to guarantee that we have the tools to eat anything and everything we so desire in our little paradise community in a wonderful section of the world located in TN, home of the Daniels’ Clan, you know Charlie and Jack, the best music and drink combination in this world of ours………… Yep I’m biased and blessed and PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN OF INTERNATIONAL DESCENT and even sometimes decent……………………………….



👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀


👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀


(͡• 🔥 ͜ʖ 🔥  ͡•)    ლ(🔥\◡👅◡/🔥)ლ

👀¸.·♥͜ ♥´¯👀·.♥͜ ♥´¯👀·.¸¸.·♥͜ ♥´¯👀·.¸

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