Breaking away was all she could think about..
She walked out to the water to lose her thoughts..
Her long auburn hair wisped about as the cool wind wrapped its’ gentleness around her..
A smile slowly spreading across her sun kissed cheeks as an unexpected giggle escaped from
her mouth..
She had forgotten how it felt to be carefree
Wondering when she quit feeling the ocean breeze
Drinking in the fresh salt air while she’d romp freely through the waves
She wore it well
When did it all become so
A labor without love..
Time to quell the distaste from her mind
No more mindless anything
Take herself out of it
Let go of the menial
Breathe until she’s filled up
Unbury what has been lost & forgotten
It’s so easy to be the living dead
Wanting changes
Her mind reset..
Let’s start anew
Let our hearts…

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