Update and Happy Tuesday to ALL

I will warn you, I am sometimes (ha) not politically correct, I’m just me and everyone should know by now that as much as I respect all opinions, they are just that,  #opinions. I don’t need anyone to agree with me in order to believe what I believe. You are you and I am definitely after 66+ years, the ME I like a lot and am not about to change much, except, hopefully, Get a little bit older, if I am really blessed and don’t do something tragically STUPID like walk in front of a bus driven by Romney, mistaken for a Berliner (if you have to ask it might lose its humore) by Chris Christie, or happen to sit next to Slick Willy after Last Call in an Arkansas bar.

Somethings are just funny if you still have a sense of humore and realize that being offended is just a part of life. After all, you follow me, YOU MUST HAVE A SENSE OF HUMORE, OR YOU’RE MORBIDLY CURIOUS AS TO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OLD GEORGIE NEXT.   Either way, welcome aboard, but if you’re feeling real sensitive Today,


for those of you who continue to read, please refrain from doing anything else. First I want your whole attention for this little moment in time. You need to breathe and relax. Besides if you are eating, drinking, driving or doing anything else important, I will not be responsible for your sudden interruption of a company meeting, traffic accident, sudden wishing well diving(or falling into wells, manhole covers) incidents or the cause of you miscalculating which side of the sliding door actually moves…………… You’ve been warned and I have performed my duties as a responsible host.(this is known as the required small print, save harmless, legal jargon for #Don’tSCrewUpAndTryToBlameAnyoneOrAnythingElseForYOURfOOLISHNESS


I found this and couldn’t resist posting it.

I Think My Dog’s A Democrat


I will be in and out, more out than in on occasions, I have volunteered for bottle, diaper and baby butt bathing duties with my new Grandson, Michael George Parker, in order to give one of my daughters time to recover and rest. She did all the hard work and deserves to actually enjoy herself with our Clan and some of her inlaws that live in and around Memphis( home of Memphis In May celebration and Graceland—-one is extremely overrated, I’ll leave that up to you/ give you a hint, one is NOT larger than life).  I also learned the difference between Wheezer and Old Geezer (one is mute and doesn’t sing anymore.)


#MemphisInMayHumore (from my Kids)


Before I forget, early Happy Mothers Day to all the deserving Mothers out here (that’s all Mothers, biological, foster, adopted and even some of you who just help with Motherly duties for someone else family or not.)  Without Mothers, the world would be more chaotic than ever and not sure I’d want to live much longer. I’ve had my experiences trying to fill in as my Kids’ Mom while she was living (failed miserably more than once) and since her death years ago (I’m still failing, just not as often and obvious, at times.) Any psychologist will verify that a child needs both for the best outcomes, but if you can have only one, it’s best to have a loving and caring Mother…………. Again, that’s my opinion for what it’s worth…………… so early HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all Mothers of any type all over the world.

and a thank you to who ever invented harnesses for toddlers,GPS tracking dots for my phone,  and walkie talkies DOUBLE THANKS TO YOU. We haven’t lost anyone yet in these huge crowds of people in and around Memphis. So if you are in Memphis and see a Mercedes bus will fully tinted windows pull up and various nationalities of all ages jumping off (looking like it will never empty out….), it’s just me and my Clan(half children&almost half Adults), not Charlie Daniels and CDB showing up for a concert (I don’t carry a fiddle, yet!!!!!!!!)

have a wonderful day, y’alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


just in case anyone’s having writer’s block

Nothing wrong in Haiku




and then there’s this




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