The Best First Kiss

unfiltered from the heart

It seems I’m turning back time
With each meter of softening.
It’s almost sublime.

The best first kiss, for me now
Leaves me partially breathless
It is given, not taken.

A soft caress; silkiness
just enough, Sir,
To whet my whistle

It is like the suit
In the window of the
Store that beckons me inside.

It is the compliment
to the Dinner date.
Preferably outdoors.

It does not say
Take off your clothes,
meet me on the floor.

Instead it leaves me
Wanting for more.
A gentle pressing (not probing!)

It is the soft caress of lips,
the arm around my back
The hand, gentle behind my head.

It is the resuscitation
of my heart beat,
to match (to match) Yours.

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