unfiltered from the heart

Golden light glows
from the Earth’s center
on the in breath
pull it up through the toes,
filling the body, flowing
into the center of the Cosmos.

Back down it flows with the
out breath, out through the toes
it goes again,
to the Earth’s center.
Cleansing, grounding and connecting
with each passage through.

After several cycles through,
allow it to settle at heart’s center.
See the Heart’s Torus (featured image) grow.
Energy moves up on the in breath
through the center,
before it changes direction.

On the out breath,
the golden light travels
downwards along the outside,
then back up through the feet
when the in breath returns again.
The open heart heals and cleanses.

Image: Google

For more on the healing properties of the heart, please see the Heart Math Institute.

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