Prefer Calls over Texting…

Thank goodness for technology or I’d be literally and virtually impotent as far as conversations go………………………. (͡• 🔥 ͜ʖ 🔥 ͡• )

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Perhaps it’s because I’m not a millennial, but I’d much rather hear your voice than see your text.   I know that both can be useful, because one can text in a quiet zone where they can’t talk on the phone but that’s about the only reason I can say OK text instead of phone.  I think it’s down right crazy to be texting someone when you have the ability to speak with them on the phone.   I see so much social anxiety in young people who only text.  They have no idea how to speak to someone verbally.

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4 thoughts on “Prefer Calls over Texting…

  1. You’re right. Texting is excellent for when you just can’t call someone, for whatever reason, but need to tell them something and don’t want to leave them a voicemail. On a regular basis, though, talking on the phone beats all other methods hands down. Of course the very best way to communicate is face to face! Then you can touch them and actually see their facial expressions when they speak. Is that becoming an old-fashioned way of connecting for millennials?

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    • Sadly, a new generation of kids will be raised without holding an actual conversation longer than 140 characters and many never face to face, unless it’s during class and they have to, God forbid, discuss or debate something. I became a mute when Drs removed my entire thyroid right before 5 of my Grands were born a bit back. They’ve only heard Opa on recordings, thankfully I recorded a lot, never knowing what the future would hold, lullabies, books, poetry, jokes and the occasional songs(well depending on how critical you define singing) and family situations, holidays, birthdays and such. I chose to be here for my Grands and Kids and decided a voice lost was better than time lost or life lost. At least I don’t drive the congregation away with my Go Rest Higher On That Mountain or Wayfaring Stranger anymore……
      Much of the violence occurs because people just don’t know how to talk to each other and settle differences with words, not weapons…………. I love my guns, but they’re tools, not the first resort for any stupid disagreement or perceived disrespect from anyone……. I remember when the only violence in school was a fist fight or wrestling match with young testosterone filled teenage boys……….. I was a runt, but quick. If you hold a linebacker long enough, they either give up or pass out, no wounds, no hospital visit, no morgue visit, no jail time.

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