Update on Georgie’s wrist (After first PT visit with my PT/Physical Tormentor.

After my first session of PT with an Abuser who will remain unnamed, I wasn’t feeling very gracious or thankful

and definitely not blessed.

And then my driver, my beautiful Ginger daughter in law, walked in with tears and visibly shaken. I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my hands in a “what’s up” motion and she began to relate the morning news about the terrorists attacks in Brussels, Belgium. For once, I really wished I had been wrong during a discussion over events in Europe. At the same time, I’m extremely glad I listened to my gut feeling and made my pregnant daughter wait until tomorrow to fly  home. I changed her ticket to a non-stop from Frankfurt, Germany and paid the penalty for last minute changes instead of flying in or out of Belgium after the arrests last Friday.

It reminded me of how valuable and precious our families and other loved ones are compared to the “stuff” we accumulate and waste. I know the world is unpredictable and no matter how much I worry or concern myself, I don’t have very much control over 99.99% of events. I don’t fear tragedy as much as I fear the person I will become if I lose another of my loved ones to someone else who didn’t think of the consequences of their actions. I try my best to love everyone and “live and let live” as much as possible, but may God help and have pity on the fool that harms one of mine again, regardless of nationality or religion. I’m old, not dead and like the old AT&T commercials, I will reach out and touch, up close and personal.

But enough about me. Please take this reminder of how unpredictable our lives are and how most of the time, we don’t control how long we live or our loved ones. Take the time to remind them and yourself of how precious they are, how much you love them and how much more important they are than the stuff you’ve exchanged over the last birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Love, attention, and time spent with them is invaluable and ever so important. Even though I’m mute, my children and grands and my siblings know every day, at least once that I take time to tell them how much I love them and wish them to be blessed with health, happiness and the best in their lives. I’m pretty sure they think sometimes that I worry too much and overdo the I love yous, but it gives me peace knowing that the last words and last contacts were in love, not disagreement or hate or anger.

That is something that is difficult to live with over the ages, lack of closure. It can eat you alive, and for many years it did me. I don’t wish that on anyone else, not even Subhumans I don’t like. My last words with my Father of 41 were a disagreement and heated to say the least. Before I could get home later that same day, he had already passed from an aneurysm and no matter how much CPR, chest compressions and screaming Nooooo, I lost that opportunity forever. Don’t make my mistake, learn from an old Peter Pan, before it’s too late. We just don’t know when the hourglass of our lives runs out of sand, so don’t delay any longer.

I pray for you all along with the people of Belgium and other places in the world where fanatics are trained to hate others from the beginning of their lives in the name of “religion.” Living in denial will not solve this problem, only dealing with it frontally. Sometimes, like dealing with cancer using poison, you have to be willing to become more of a threat that the enemy you face. If you are not willing to fight, then don’t complain when you lose. The person that isn’t ready to stand for anything will fall for everything, cliché sounding but so true, indeed.


I pray for our world to have the courage to confront evil in every form, but I know there are many more cowards than heroes today and my heart cries and bleeds for us all.   Cowards and Bullies need to know that someone will bloody their noses again and again until they are the ones who need to be afraid to go out in public and who need to watch their backs, we will come after you, after all, when you least expect it. I’m mute, not safe or scared. Like the old Bruce Willis movie, I’m a RED, Retired Extremely Damaged(in the head which translates to Dangerous)


Wishing you all a wonderful day, I’ll be thinking of you all as my fingers and wrist relive the contortionist movements Brunhilde, my PT, put me through this morning and as I pray for the wounded, dead and scared in Belgium.


Viva la Bruxelle


Today I had my cast removed and I start PT on Tuesday. So if you think you’re hearing screams, it’s only you feeling my pain as I visit with that Sado Masochist called Brunhilde who calls herself a Physical Therapist. I say she’s a Physical Tormentor in my book. But maybe she’ll help me get a better grip on a thing, a thong, or two……………………

big hugs, kisses and abundant wishes for a wonderful weekend I’m sending you.



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