A picture paints a thousand things.

well said.



Bad Gastein Austria
The photo I took last month while in Austria it is proof that an image can evoke a mystery, a story, an emotion. It also is relevant to Hugh on his picture post, click hereΒ to see.

When I write, I take shapes to make my pictures, Shapes I was taught to make as a child. I make them with a pen, pencil or electronically produced ink and they form the alphabet. When I put them in to groups or clusters they become words, statements, sentences, paragraphs, which grow into poems, stories, flash fiction, and books. I write imagery, truths bent to reveal stories, adventures from inside my mind, I pen feelings.
Every time I write, my purpose is to reveal a piece of me to the reader. A smidgeon of something; maybe the madness of how my mind works. But for me the main thing I…

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