12 thoughts on “Miss you

      • Don’t lie it’s what you wanted, hoped and planned, it is what we all try to do. Evoke emotion in any state or shape just make letters poke people. You do it pretty well I’d say. πŸ˜‡

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      • Reblogging is a two edged sword, I suppose. On one side I wish to share the many talents of authors I read. On my Empath side I always know there’s a risk that others will be touched differently than I due to my age and experiences. I should have worded my reply differently, indeed, but sometimes due to being temporarily a one handed mute, I choose speed over depth. When I say I’m sorry, it’s not an apology for writing, sharing or reblogging, it’s my way of letting you know I empathize with the pain that my actions may have caused. After 66 years of life and outliving two wives and three of our children and two grandchildren, along with becoming my Nieces Father figure at 62, I’ve learned that most authors aren’t so much wanting to evoke feelings of pain or pity, they just need to release their thoughts somehow to prevent exploding inside and outside and causing even more pain for themselves and others. Without the reblog button of old. People get confused with who actually authored the pieces they read Isolated Girl is very talented, and I am the Chief Reblogger in my corner of WP. While I don’t like being the cause of pain for anyone, I also realize, I can’t stop sharing or writing just in case it might be a catalyst for pain in others. I’m not very talented, but I repost and reblogg with the best of them. Semper Fidelis, Milady.

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      • I happen to be a cheeky thing with a tongue in cheek British humour that not everyone gets. I was showing you how good your words are, how some writers spend years never making anyone emote. If a few simple words can achieve it, like you do here… proud is what you should be. Thats what makes us human, because we feel. Please read my two posts i put on today they capture beautifuly what I mean.

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      • It’s OK, I’m an old retired Marine born in Germany and raised in US until I went back home to raise a family there. One of my favorite British actors is Geoffrey Palmer, my kids couldn’t figure him out either, but I did after a few viewings. I just didn’t want to take credit for her touching words. I write infrequently anything other than comments or answering replies. I’m more of a story teller than poet, definitely unorthodox indeed. Thank you, I felt the emotion behind your words, and I agree, she is very talented, and at times reaches deeper than I wish. but Hey, it isn’t Monday so who am I to complain or wallow……………………. wishing you a great evening. I will check out todays posts…………………))))))))))))))))))));<)))))))))))))

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