In Her Head, She Will Bed

Sadly, this is more true across the world than anyone would ever believe. And then these same “Men” wonder why their partner strays………………. Being ignored is the worst feeling for a woman or man. well done, but wish it was more fiction than truth. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Antony Ros

Stockings, that are silky smooth
A seam that runs along the calves, with a swoon
They can lead the eyes from a rise to a fall
Where heels are strapped, clicks, clacks, from the hall
Drifting in, with jasmine
Sultry grin, lips of satin
Call of the wild
To the meek and mild
Awaken it’s softly beating heart
It’s time to tear this place apart

The chill from his room can blow out a flame
A roaring fire put out just the same
Once was a man who seizes the day
Becomes one,
whose lost,
loves way

Silent words float in air
Her wanton desire to be, taken care
The feel of hands, that touch her flesh
Makes her pulse race, the heart in a thresh
When lips leave trails of saliva spit
Coating her budding clit
Finding herself rubbing her thighs
The final plea, made with sighs
In a…

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