The Master’s Muse part 1

TBC is a four letter word.


Blog Post-2-28-2016-The Master's Muse part 1

She needed money and she needed it NOW!  Tuition, rent, utilities and food were all looming on a fast-approaching horizon, needing paid or purchased soon.  Her belly had grown accustomed to the growls produced from eating one meal a day.  If she didn’t get the tuition soon, the university would toss her out, and without her degree, where would she end up?  Three part-time, minimum wage jobs weren’t enough.  She needed more, and very soon.

Scanning the want ads again, as she did every morning, she saw a new one.


Muse and Model.

One day only, extremely long hours.

Absolute obedience and compliance required.

Compensation will be ample.

Only truly interested may apply.

OK…she thought…whatever that means.  As long as it pays well, I’ll do it.  She called the number at the bottom of the ad.  A woman answered, claimed she was the secretary of Mr. M…

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