No Restraints


How do I feel..
You ask so sweetly
As if there is a simple answer to such a complex question..
I’m Wild out of my mind
All side ways when it comes to you..
My heart crosswise
drifting in and out of my thoughts and I find myself out there
lost in a world where no one else exists and time stands still
I laugh lightly, feeling giddy, nervously affected at my own insanity
Loving the natural high
knowing full well that I give you me completely – without thought or concern
Crashing full speed ahead
Bring it
I want to feel it all
some call it insanity
I say it’s living at its’ best
the unknown
love without restraints..
any moments with you are quite simply the best of moments
And certainly
The saddest
knowing they will end..
elated to live in the moment experiencing all of you

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