Bag of Nerves Emptied!

congrats to you and your family
👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀

But I Smile Anyway...

Can you tell from my Bitmoji’s what I am about to announce?

Firstly, thanks to you all for the good wishes/candles/prayers.

I spent part of this morning in tears at school, talking to colleagues, as I was so stressed, and worried about the outcome of the Secondary School admissions process.

Then I tried my hardest to forget until at least 4 pm as that was when the emails were rolling out…

So after despatching me afternoon crazies,  It was around 3.50 pm, I thought i would check my mail.. obviously nothing was going to be there yet… but I saw an email from the Admissions team.


They were early!

I actually had to make my self sit down before opening the message as I was shaking.

Then I read it, and read it again. I closed it and then opened it again, and read it. I even got my…

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