give a little, get a little

Well done


this would be about the 5th day that my husband has brought me a cup of herbal winterberry tea that is the most lovely shade of vermilion, after he has come home from work. so as he placed the cup down on the side table as i sat on the sofa, i reached for his belt as he was straightening up.

i slowly pulled the belt apart and jerked it to loosen. i unsnapped and unzipped him, his groin inches from my face and pulled apart the denim and pulled down his boxers to expose his small, soft penis and take him into my mouth. i proceeded to suck him hard, to use lips and tongue as i bobbed my head and used my hands to stroke him.

he quickly started thrusting forward, holding my head and burying his fingers in my hair as he face fucked me. his entire penis…

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