Eruption Of Love

Souls were not meant to be tamed anymore than lions and tigers were meant for captivity. Cruel and unusual punishment in my mind. Let go and enjoy the roller coasters and fireworks……🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


without warning
You shook my world
sending shock waves to my heart
Without thought
Without reason
I fell for you just like a child..
couldn’t see beyond you
You polarized me..
Dividing my heart
Separating my mind
Reviving me / slaying me
Same skin yet changed
I lived the magic at first glance
Eyes that saw through me
It touched my soul
grabbed my heart
I felt the hold you had on me
Rendering me powerless
Afraid and unsure
You took my fears in your hand until they were no more
Making me whole
Imagine the jolt
It shook me through&through
Reverberating my entire being
There’s no way out
I’m not looking for one
I wish to meld into you
my ring of fire..


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