Watching him dying (graphic)

TY for sharing such vital information. Even seasoned medical professionals miss these signs. It’s why people need to understand more about this, heart attacks, strokes, etc. We need to have more knowledge about our human bodies, not less. We can be our (and loved ones) best advocates armed with knowledge, not ignorance.
TY again for sharing Tiffany.

unfiltered from the heart

This happened nearly a dozen years ago,
yet still feels like just yesterday.

Standing at the foot of his bed,
i watched helplessly as he took some of his final breaths.

he was surrounded by the code team,
some peoples’ jobs merely the space they were holding.

a 1st year student, i stood there in my pressed and clean labcoat.
my nursing shoes; unsure what to do.

frozen in my tracks, my voice cracked
when telling the lead physician of his sudden collapse.

the pain in his calves he complained of just moments before
we exited the hospital’s front door.

the CI and I had dismissed the pain as leg cramps
from the progress in his walking distance.

so soon after having been bedridden following his craniotomy,
and partial lobotomy, we didn’t realize the risks and his fate.

the hiss of the oxygen, turned to its highest,
one of the few…

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