Update from Georgie and Clan, not to be confused with Genghis Khan’s Klan

Surgery was a success, at least it’s fixed broken bones and the pain sensors work well, some are still working overtime, damn Alpha sensors. 👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀

Just finished with Drs, today you can’t get just one to get released, I guess they are all co-conspirators in making sure their kids finish college before I croak and my insurance plan stops paying all of them collectively and separately, no such thing as double jeopardy  here, I suppose. You can get charged twice for some things………… Unless you have Kids who go over every line item and compare all those medical codes for billing purposes. I no longer have that much patience, I guess. or good enough eyesight for such fine print.

If fate doesn’t interfere, we are going home Wednesday, but I’ll still be limited in my appearances here and there. Doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking of you all or reading your works, I  just won’t be doing as much commenting or reblogging as before. So if you just see a “liked” after comments, it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but I must make choices with my good hand  until the lazy one gets back with the program and they take pins out and it can get back to bending the other half of my fingers and thumbs.

 thank you so much for your understanding and patience with me. I appreciate all your thoughts and wish I could record a thank you message instead of typing, but the last surgery took away that option, so I do the best I can with what still works.

thank you so much


👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀


👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀

if by chance you find errors, it’s because my left hand can’t listen to my right just yet.

👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀

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