One Year Later…

Happy belated Anniversary, Milady 💞🎉🎊🎇 I look forward to reading and sharing much more of your openness. 💞


Blog Post-2-5-2016-One Year Later...OMG!  It’s been one year since I first began blogging!  I can’t believe it!  Actually, I REALLY can’t believe it.  How has a year passed?  How has it only been a year?  I had never written before, but I felt like I needed an outlet for the questions, stories and experiences that I was having with the new D/s my husband and I had entered.  With the encouragement of a Dear Friend, thank you Sir, I opened a WordPress account and began writing one year ago today.   Here was my AMAZING first Post:

February 5, 2015

I have decided to take a leap into the Blog-o-sphere.  I have a need to write and discuss the new D/s journey that my Sir/Husband and I are on.  I don’t exactly know how this will work for us, but I am willing to take a leap, because I know He is leading…

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