thinking [softer] thursday

serenity through submission

“You gotta feel it…then let that feeling go by. Count to ten, then you can ask a question, but you have to come softer.”

These words spoke to me today from a silly television show that was keeping me company while I did my chores. I mean, they really struck a tender nerve.

I do need to feel it… The full extent of it. I’ve been feeling, but I’ve been blocking so much out at the same time.

Then I’m going to let the feelings go on by… the hurt, the anger, the loneliness, the love, the happy… It all needs to go.

I will count to ten. Time is at a stand still, but I’m going to start back up.

The questions I’ll ask will be to Sir, to God, to the universe. I will expect no answer. I will expect nothing.

I have to come much, much softer…

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