They keep me sane!

so filled with truths and reality of needing to remain our own selves not just parts of everyone else around us…………………… 👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀

But I Smile Anyway...

You know when you are swallowed whole by family?
Your individuality disappears as you are swallowed with a new identity?
You are no longer “you’, instead you are someone’s wife, someone’s daughter in-law, and eventually someone’s mum?
Well, OK, I know not everyone feels this, but there are a lot of Indian women who have found themselves in that position.
And as for motherhood being all consuming, that covers a much wider range of women.

After I had Lil Man, I took a year out, and then we were in a position that I could reduce my hours, and work part-time. This meant squeezing all I needed to do in 3 hours. It didn’t leave much time for socialising. I worked, quick chats, then left to go home to be mummy again.

Again, another year out when Lil Princess arrived, but this time the office had decided, rather thoughtlessly, to…

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