There’s Hope: But Cancer Still Sucks!

Sure thing, Milady..You’re right, CANCER SUCKS.

foreverdreamingoflove 💋

breast cancer

A woman in her early 40’s who rents office space from me just told me that she has breast cancer.   She’s checking with three Physicians, not to be sure she has it but the best route for her to take.   This woman has a daughter who just turned three and a son who just turned one.  She is frightened and is barely existing.   She has a wonderful caring husband and that’s a good thing.   She said they did three mammograms and a biopsy and they think it has been caught early as long as she moves quickly as to what she wants to do.   After losing my best friend at 35 of breast cancer, I feel so bad for her.   She’s a survivor of Thyroid cancer just a few years ago.   They told her that she was more at risk for speedy growth since she has already had cancer before. …

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