The Noise



I could hear a sound a strange gurgle or bubbling, a gulping slightly swallowing sound. I was hearing the kind of noise, that instinctively you knew would never be forgotten.
It was as an echo a mystical noise. I was hearing the sound of bubbles popping on the surface or gulping quickly without taking a breath.

My mind went back to a child blowing forbidden bubbles a glass of milk and a straw, “just you do! You blow bubbles and you’ll see” said Mother.
I always attempted to do as I was told, I was a good girl.
Trying to be good or at least better than Pearl. Pearl my rebellious sister was always in trouble, I would not provoke that not if I could help it.

Lifting my blue eyes up to mums face. I remember pursing my lips to capture the straw and i blew. A slow…

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