To Dream In Natures Ecstasy ~ A Duet

Wonderful and sensual. 🔥💓🔥

Wet Bliss

Written by: Ax  & Wet Bliss (Italics)


In whispering words that I barely heard
He told me I didn’t know what I was worth,
So he was going to show me what I deserved
Nature took over my soul, as chosen for rebirth

His words swept, with the wind blowing by
Sweeping in, his eyes designed my flowing lines
Swirling on with a frothy rise to lift me high
Raging forward, river pouring intoxicating wines

Stumbling over an uneven path into a clearing
Full of greenery to breathe at last, free from anxiety
Birds cheering, wolves nearing, sun searing
Underground eruption unleashed immortal deity

He dipped me whole, drenched in natures vat
He cupped his hands, made me drink my wanting lust
Filling my mouth, drunk on his shaft
Letting loose the goddess he see’s in me, at last

Inebriated with power I stroke my own flower

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