A shadow on a cloudy day – A Short Story

Let me tell you a story...

He avoids firecrackers to this date. It reminds him of that cold winter night, sitting on the beach with his hands locked in hers and her whispers in his ears asking him to run away with her and take her somewhere far away. When she saw the fireworks her face always lit up looking in the sky, and her big dark eyes were full of colors, with her beautiful dark hair waving through the cold winter beach winds. She was no more there, but the feeling never faded. They lived with him only to haunt him wherever he went.

After a long day at work, he passes through that coffee shop, he glanced at a table from the corner of his eyes. They had so many breakfasts there, and he still remembers the look of her face with that hypnotizing smile that reminds him every now and then about his…

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