My In Box


Blog Post-1-28-2016-My In Box

Oh, how my stomach flips and flops whenever I see His name in my in box.  And then, to open the email and find something like this…Ahhhhh….Pure Bliss!


I am sitting here at my desk, trying like hell to find some focus.  I find my mind wandering straight back to this morning.  After a much better night’s sleep than I’ve had in a while, I woke before the alarm and lay on my back. Visions of you began threading through my head…..your smooth, erotic skin. Your legs, ending in your hotter-than-the-law-should-allow heels. A silky nightie, thin straps over silken shoulders, ending just north of the lower curve of your ass, hints of warm slippery wetness trickling down your inner thigh.  I saw your hands wrapping around me, and I felt myself grow to bulging between your perfectly manicured fingers….And that’s all it took.  Just lying next to you, seeing you…

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