Defining Dominance and submission


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I am happy to post something written by a friend of mine, Pienso En Ti.  I really liked what he had to say.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Defining Dominance and submission
One of the biggest barriers to understanding Dominants and submissives is the insistence they can somehow be defined, that is adequately described with words in a paragraph or bullets in a list.  Every Dominant and submissive has his/her own way, his/her own preferences, needs, impulses, manner of interacting.  Some might say degradation is a hard limit but even in that there is abundant ambiguity.  Is eating from a dog bowl degrading?  Wearing a leash?  Proudly showing off a beautiful sub’s body online?  The hard limit line will be drawn in a different portion of the sand by every submissive and/or Dominant.  This particular hard limit is one of a thousand similarly variable decisions applying to…

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