aren’t we naughty


8 glorious and beautiful inches. thick. pink skinned translucence. baby blue roped veins. the perfect indentation before the lovely swollen helmet. the heart shaped crevice which begs for attention. begs. it’s slight arch simply highlights the perfect engineering of it’s structure. the deep well of the slit, a chasm which holds unimaginable delights and promise.

i hold it there, the delightfully perfect cock, at the crease of his thigh, with his erect penis directly beside it. the sheer difference is overwhelming. it’s staggering. and it is one of the most arousing things i have ever seen. its size is magnificent. perfect. i turn more to my side and reach forward so that i can use both hands to encircle them together. one, hot flesh, the other cool lifelike silicone. It is as real as the one which is warm.

his is drooling copious amounts of pre-cum, jerking and twitching in…

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