3 Moments..Waiting for the Next Stranger

a Human Thought

Moment 1: I come back from school; knock on the door; enter the room with a big smile. I just wanted to say hi to Dad; tell him about my day in school. He receives me with a slap. I was in the tenth grade at the time. Quiet a grown-up to be beaten, I thought. It was the last time I was beaten, but it’s probably the only time I still remember with the details. I know I didn’t hate my dad. Despite his temper and his abuses, he’s kind-hearted; I still love him.

imageedit_1_7423905625Moment 2: Trying to find the emotions within me with everyone I meet. I get more intimate trying to just feel that rush within the thinnest layer of my skin. They call it butterflies, but it’s more than that; it’s a new life being bumped into your veins. I keep jumping…

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