Pursuing Pleasure

another beautiful piece creating imagery of love and sharing
well done, Milady, well done
✍♥(◔◡◔)♥ 💨 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Her Story Unread

A slow, unanswered breath escapes my lips
as he gently presses into me

The magnetic desires between us fills the room with heat,
a passion too great to match with words

An inch of ‘deeper into me I let you see’
floods our hearts with love as we begin to taste one another

His hands, powerful and unfamiliar,
caress my body with understanding, seeking to please

Overcome with sensation I moan, cry out in delight,
tightly hold his head

Eyes of wonder gaze at me,
inside my soul he sees

Connected now as One
our bodies ache to save each other

An act of pure love,
a gift given to me with no attachments

My pursuit simply ends,
I am home.

© LR 2012

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