Mum C writes

As many try to get emancipated

From problems which have roots so constipated

Many are those whose problems are cemented

And only need bulldozers to break them together

Them; problems and beings


As students fear breathing questions

With their countless Roman numerals

So are many breathers living with problems

With countless Roman numerals

Numerals you have never met


Ama Attaa has all body parts

But cries for lack of money

Papers which are not legs

Well, let’s say they can buy fake legs


Akosua Tawiah has one leg

She cries all the time for another leg

Kwaku Gyan has no leg, no hands

Looks at them and cries louder

But still Efo Kwadwo laughs although he lacks a brain

What irony!


No matter what your problems

Someone sees you as the heaven

Being blind is sad

But there are still blind men who are crippled


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