His Touch

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Her Story Unread

Luring and engrossing
His hand glides over my breast
One graze of my nipple
Chills cover my flesh.

I smell him
Familiar and sexy
His heart belongs to me
Yet mine is empty.

At first I am shy
Allow only one
He is persistent
Wants me to cum.

The closer we get
Our bodies start to fuse
Together as one
Clothed in rouge.

Four hours and counting
Not stopping for even a breath
Long, hard, heated strokes
Make me so wet.

I feel his tongue, soft and warm
Lick my thigh
In a matter of seconds
He is deep up inside.

I scream out with pleasure
Squeeze him so tight
The fluid flows freely
Warm and white.

I am the woman for whom
He desires with height
I am the gate keeper
His lover and wife.

© LRS 2011

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