Widows Seek

so touching
the battlefield is not the only place of loss
more often or not, a greater loss is the hopes and dreams of the survivors left behind.
beautifully written, Jennifer…………………….πŸ‘€ β™₯ * ͜ * β™₯ πŸ‘€ α•™(πŸ’“β–ΏπŸ’“)α•—

Jennifer Calvert Author

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Inside the meaning of time,
The spirits cry,
The earth’s soul profound,
The whisper of fallen men,
The undertones, drenched in sorrowful sun,
The women murmur on dawn,
War song,
Bloodshed and thirsty,
A hundred and one,
Spilling on August dusk,
The ground a boneyard,
Entrenched in soil,
They seep back to nature once more,
Their final resting place,
Haunted, by the battle cry,
Alone in the woods,
Where widows seek.
Lost, a moment in time.

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