Wee Wisdom (3 IMAGES)

Awesome, Girlies loved these pics and the messages, too. Yes they can read, with help on big words. BB helps quite a bit, she knows when they’re fooling her with their “can’t pronounce that ones”

Petals Unfolding

Prinny Prinny

Humble is best
not beastly pride.

(Top) Rusty, Cookie (Bottom) Rocky, Karma (Top) Rusty, Cookie
(Bottom) Rocky, Karma

Hangin’ together
strengthens the Love.

Rocky Rocky

Eye contact preferred
when you converse.

Photography/ “Wee Wisdom” 2016©AmyRose

Photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

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One thought on “Wee Wisdom (3 IMAGES)

  1. Oops, white on white you cannot see. It should say under Rocky “Eye contact preferred when you converse.” 😉 Thank you for the reblog, George. I see you found the SHARE button, how exciting is that? IT’S BACK! Tell those smarties that I am in awe that 3 year olds can read. AMAZING!!! Our brains when used will take us a lot further then any of us “think” they will. Go, Girlies!!! Love, Lady Pink

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