Sealed with a Kiss

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Beasts of Articulation

For the week of May 4th, the Beasts are collaborating on pieces in the style of Edgar Allan Poe. Paris and Jarrodare pleased to present this collaboration entitled “Sealed with a Kiss.”

She Devil (2)Deals with the devil,

Transactions made at night,

Entranced where I stand,

Reaching for her outstretched hand,

Searched her opaque face,

Amber eyes burning in the moonlight,

Gently did we embrace,

Our diabolical pact now sealed,

Starting with a deceptive kiss,

Her poison invading my blood,

Despondent, I valued love,

Longing for a wife,

But that devil’s kiss,

Changed my life,

Craved bliss,

Finding lust,

Revolving door,

Devil’s whore,

No reprieve,

She-devil I believed,

My soul forfeit,

My life sold,

No wife to have,

No love to hold,

Never to be freed,

Tricked by the devil’s code.


©Paris Poems 2015

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