No Escaping

Wet Bliss


He said that he knew I was his girl
All timid and shy, and ready to jump
Out the window on that first date
When I nervously drank to drunk

Blood pumped, as hearts thumped
A joyful crescendo of falling in love
Cooped as his little, cooing white dove
I knew he was immediately sprung

It was me that held together his world
Except when it came to the other girls
I ignored rumors at first, but they won
The funny thing was, I wasn’t yet done

Unable to deny baby come back, please
They mean nothing and seen the last of me
I gave the best of me, got lost in his ecstasy
Incapable of forgiving truly, I lost the victory

-Okay I think I’ve purged the funk out of my system, so we can get back to our normal programming. 🙂

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