Confusing Signals

Sometimes, people just decide to do what they want to do, regardless of “standards” and or so called “religious beliefs.”

foreverdreamingoflove 💋

broken marriage.jpg

What makes people think that when nothing is going right with their marriage, that it will suddenly change.   You and he have everything separate, you sleep in different rooms, you go on separate vacations, he doesn’t like your friends and you are fond of his.  Most of all, when people speak of that marriage (not yet divorced), they are planning another marriage with another person.  Yet their “Religious” beliefs won’t allow them to be sleeping with the person they are sleeping with… not hubby.  Not wife…    but somehow sex still comes in the picture (with the new person) several times a week.   We can’t change anyone else folks; but as a result of changing ourselves the other party has to make changes because he/she will no longer be dealing with the same person.  If you, the reader, is confused so am I.  I just don’t know what makes people do…

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