Marital Rape :


India has seen different and all the forms of Male chauvinism over the years, and it has made home in almost all the men of the nation in some way or the other so much that the women force looks sublime.
But who even cares? The victims are the women, specially wives who are in a habit of tolerating perpetual torture of almost all sorts, be it mental abuse, beating or even Rape.
Yes, RAPE.
But how many of us would even acknowledge it as a Rape? The male chauvisnist pigs outsource a licence that allows them legal sex, with or without the consent of the wife. Don’t they?
Non-consensual sex Doesn’t even exist within a marriage because the only consent that matters is that of the husband, the woman, on the contrary, Doesn’t get to choose if/when she wants to have sex.
And what’s more is that the IPC…

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