Magic? 💖

Desire and determination can seem like magic sometimes, but the inner soul can do anything when we listen. 💞



After all this time, do you believe in magic?
-Yes I do, ofcourse I do.

Okay folks, that’s me on the extreme right in both the pictures. Do you see the utter transformation? Do you?

I logged into WordPress with the intention of writing something very eloquent but words fail me.
Isn’t it uncanny how we do not know it is magic while it is happening?
I mean the process is just a process, the results are everything to make believe a human mind, what’s beautiful is beautiful.

After all these 6 months, today, my laughter has a sound that might brighten the walls of a dead house. My mundane has been transformed into my biggest muse and I do not have the right words to unravel the kind of emotion that is keeping me out of place.

So, I’ll just rant what comes to the tongue of my mind.

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