Clinging Memories

Wet Bliss


Alone with my thoughts
Of pure pleasure we exchanged
Exploring every curve

Do you remember
Late nights and early mornings
Some afternoons too

When it was new
It was a surreal interlude then
How it all began

Excited eyes paved
The way to approving notions
Toward that first kiss

I still feel the heat
As you reached beneath my dress
And gently caressed

Coaxing out my desire
For you to consume me while
I savored your taste

Our inhibitions
Fully disrobed and clothes strewn
All over the floor

Slick bodies covered
Vuneralbilities at ease
Sacred divinity

Slipping deep inside
My mind and between wet thighs
Gripping all of you

Before and after
Holding you now to get me
Through the night, alone

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